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Volume I
Acoustic Remote Sensing
Barrier Islands
Beach Processes
Beaches in Fetch-Limited Environments

Climate Change
Coastal Dunes
Coastal Ecosystems
Coastal Engineering

Coastal Evolution
Coastal Geomorphology
Coastal Hazards and Pollution

Volume II
Coastal Modelling
Coastal Restoration & Mitigation
Coastal Tourism
Coastal Zone Management
Delta Plain Management
Estuaries and Lagoons
Estuarine & Wetland Restoration
GIS and Remote Sensing Applications
Impact of Extreme Storms
Integrated Catchment and Coastal Zone Management
Sedimentary Processes and Morphodynamics
of Sandy Beaches on Short Time Response

Volume I

Acoustic Remote Sensing

An Acoustic and Wireless Network Linking an Offshore Seabed Current and Wave Monitoring Station to a Shore Based Receiver
L.P. Hughes and R. Richards

Recording Gravel Transport at a Barrier Beach
J.L. White

Barrier Islands

Morphodynamic Modeling of the Ancão Inlet, South Portugal
X. Bertin, A.B. Fortunato and A. Oliveira

Trend in Foredune Crestline Displacement, Fire Island National Seashore, New York,
USA, 1976-2005

N. P. Psuty and T. M. Silveira

Geometry and Recent Evolution of the Holocene Beach Ridges of the Valdelagrana
Littoral Spit (Cádiz Bay, SW Spain)

S. Rodríguez-Polo, F. J. Gracia, J. Benavente and L. Del Río

Beach Processes

Macrotidal Rip Current Experiment: Circulation And Dynamics
M. J. Austin, T. M. Scott, J.W. Brown, J.A. Brown and J. H. MacMahan

Monitoring and Modeling Shoreline Response Due to Shoreface Nourishment on
a High-Energy Coast

P.L. Barnard, L.H. Erikson and J.E. Hansen

Morphodynamics Classification of Areão Beach, Portugal
C. Coelho, D. Lopes and P. Freitas

Preliminary Results of Exoscopic Analysis of Quartz Grains Deposited by a
Palaeotsunami in Salgados Lowland (Algarve, Portugal)

P. J. M. Costa, C. Andrade, M. C. Freitas, M. A. Oliveira and J.-M.Jouanneau

Wave Transformation across a Rock Platform, Belinho, Portugal
E.J. Farrell, H. Granja, L. Cappietti, J.T. Ellis, B. Li and D.J. Sherman

Video Observations of Rip Currents on an Embayed Beach
S. L. Gallop, K. R. Bryan and Giovanni Coco

Experimental Flume Simulation of Sandbar Dynamics
F. Grasso, H. Michallet, R. Certain and E. Barthélemy

Effects Of Nearshore Sand Bank And Associated Channel On Beach Hydrodynamics:
Implications For Beach And Shoreline Evolution

A. Héquette, M.H. Ruz, A. Maspataud and V. Sipka

Bed Elevation Changes in the Upper-Swash Zone
C. Houser and G. Barrett

Geological Control on Beach Form: Accommodation Space and Contemporary Dynamics
D.W.T. Jackson and J.A.G. Cooper

Shadowing Effects on Beach Morphodynamics during Storm Events on Tróia-Sines
Embayed Coast, Southwest Portugal

J. Jacob, C. Gama, R. Salgado, J. T. Liu and A. Silva

Numerical Modeling of Shoreline Change due to Structure-Induced Wave Diffraction
I.H. Kim and J.L. Lee

Contrasting Morphologic Behaviour at Embayed Beaches in Southern Portugal
C. Loureiro Ó. Ferreira and J.A.G. Cooper

Spatial Variability in Post-Storm Beach Recovery along a Macrotidal Barred Beach,
Southern North Sea

A. Maspataud, M-H. Ruz and A. Hequette

Large-Scale Laboratory Investigation into the Effect of the Beach Groundwater
Table on Gravel Beach Morphology

G. Masselink, I.L. Turner and J.J. Williams

A Method to Determinate Coastal Cells in Sandy Beaches at Southeast Coast of
Santa Catarina Island, Brazil

A. M. Mazzer, C.R.G. Souza  and S.R. Dillenburg

Morphodynamic Changes of a Macrotidal Sand Beach in the Brazilian Amazon
Coast (Ajuruteua-Pará)

M. C. Monteiro, L. C. C. Pereira and S. M. O. de Oliveira

Model for Predicting Bathymetric and Grain Size Changes Considering Equilibrium Slopes Corresponding to Composition of Grain Size and Each Grain Size
Y. Noshi, A. Kobayashi and T. Uda

Morphological and Sedimentological Changes in a Macrotidal Sand Beach in
the Amazon Littoral (Vila Dos Pescadores, Pará, Brazil)

L.C.C. Pereira, C.M. Mendes, M. da C. Monteiro and N.E. Asp

Seasonal and Mesoscale Variations at an Embayed Beach (Armação De Pera, Portugal)
C. A. Pinto, R. Taborda, C. Andrade and S. B. Teixeira

Evolution of Geminations along the Goro Spit: First Results
U. Simeoni, C. Corbau and P. Letizia

Implications of Fast-Ferry Wakes for Semi-Sheltered Beaches: A Case Study at
Aegna Island, Baltic Sea

T. Soomere, K.E. Parnell, and I. Didenkulova

Profile Response and Dispersion of Beach Nourishment: Gold Coast, Australia
D. Strauss, R. Tomlinson and S. Hunt

Sediment Textural Distribution on Beach Profiles in a Rocky Coast.
(Estremadura – Portugal)

J. Trindade and A. Ramos-Pereira

Large-Scale Circulation of Littoral Drift on Coast With Seasonal Changes in Wave
Direction and Amplitude

T. Uda, T. Kumada and M. Serizawa

Field Measurement of Seasonal Wind-Blown Sand Flux Using High-Frequency Sampling Instrumentation
K. Udo

Formation and Evolution of a Sandwave on an Estuarine Beach
A. Vila-Concejo, A.D. Short, M.G. Hughes and  R. Ranasinghe

BARDEX (Barrier Dynamics Experiment): Taking the Beach into the Laboratory
J. Williams, G. Masselink, D. Buscombe, I. Turner, A. Matias, Ó. Ferreira, A. Bradbury, N. Metje, L. Coates,
D. Chapman, C. Thompson, T. Albers, S. Pan

Beaches in Fetch-Limited Environments

Sediment Textural Variability and Mud Storage on a Large Accreting Sand Flat in a Macrotidal,
Storm-wave Setting: the North Sea Coast of France

A. Aubry, S. Lesourd, A. Gardel, P. Dubuisson and M. Jeanson

In-situ and Model Wave Characterization at the Alfeite Beach
R. Capitão, C.J. Fortes, J.A. Santos and L. Pinheiro

Morphological Changes in a Low-Energy Backbarrier
A.R. Carrasco, Ó. Ferreira, P. Freire and J.A. Dias

Patterns of Wave-orbital Speed and Skin Friction Under Estuarine (Fetch-limited) Waves
T.J. Dolphin and M.O. Green

Morphodynamics of Fetch-Limited Beaches in Contrasting Environments
P. Freire, Ó. Ferreira, R. Taborda, F. S. B. F. Oliveira, A. R. Carrasco, A. Silva, C. Vargas,
R. Capitão, C. J. Fortes, A. B. Coli and J. A. Santos

Effects of Bulkheads on Estuarine Shores: an Example from Fire Island National
Seashore, USA

K.F. Nordstrom, N.L. Jackson, P. Rafferty, N. A. Raineault, R. Grafals-Soto

Dynamics of a Fetch-Limited Beach: a Numerical Modelling Based Analysis
F. S. B. F. Oliveira and C. I. C. Vargas

Morphodynamics of a Microtidal Protected Beach During Low Wave-energy Conditions
M. Sedrati, P. Ciavola, J. Reyns, C. Armaroli and V. Sipka

DTM Extraction Using Video-monitoring Techniques: Application to a Fetch limited Beach
A. N. Silva, R. Taborda, J. Catalão and P. Freire

Morphological Responses of Adjacent Shoreline Segments on a Fetch-Restricted Estuarine Beach
T. M. Silveira and N. P. Psuty

Origin and Evolution of Tagus Estuarine Beaches
R. Taborda, P. Freire, A. Silva, C. Andrade and M. C. Freitas

Climate Change

Sea Level at Cascais Tide Gauge: Data, Analysis and Results
C. Antunes and R. Taborda

Threat of Sea Level Rise: Costs and Benefits of Adaptation in European Union Coastal Countries
L. Costa, V. Tekken and J. Kropp

Identifying Coasts Susceptible to Wave Climate Change
M.A. Hemer

Long-term Coastal Management Strategies: Useful or Useless?
E.M. Horstman, K.M. Wijnberg, A.J. Smale and S.J.M.H. Hulscher

Low Cost Autonomous Underwater Vehicles for New Concepts of Coastal Field Studies
L. Madureira, A. Sousa, J. Sousa and G. Gonçalves

Waves and Surges in the Valencia Gulf. Variability Rather Than Climate Change
C. Mosso, M. Mestres, J. P. Sierra, A. Sánchez-Arcilla and C. Goodess

Application of Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment Model to Selected Coastal Areas of Turkey
G. Özyurt and A. Ergin

The Little Ice Age in the Region of the Sepetiba Bay, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil
S. D. Pereira, H. A. F. Chaves and L. G. Coelho

Reconsidering Uncertainties of Wave Conditions in the Coastal Areas of the Northern Baltic Sea
A. Räämet, Ü. Suursaar, T. Kullas and T. Soomere

Are Mediterranean Coastal Regions More Exposed to Land Degradation in Recent Years?
Luca Salvati

A Conceptual Model for the Responses of Mangrove Forests to Sea Level Rise
M.L.G. Soares

Assessing the Regional Impacts of Climate Change on Economic Sectors in the
Low-lying Coastal Zone of Mediterranean East Morocco

V. Tekken, L. Costa and J.P. Kropp

Seasonal and Long-term Variations of Wave Conditions in the Northern Baltic Sea
I. Zaitseva-Pärnaste, Ü. Suursaar, T. Kullas, S. Lapimaa and T. Soomere

Coastal Dunes

Rehabilitation of a Geotextile-reinforced Sand Dune
J. Antunes do Carmo, C. S. Reis and H. Freitas

Beach Nourishment and Foredune Restoration: Practices and Constraints along
the Venetian Shoreline, Italy

A. Bezzi, G. Fontolan, K.F. Nordstrom, D. Carrer and N.L. Jackson

Dune Morphology along a Nourished Coastline
L.M. Bochev-van der Burgh, K.M. Wijnberg and S.J.M.H. Hulscher

Instantaneous and Mean Aeolian Sediment Transport Rate on Beaches: an Intercomparison
of Measurements from Two Sensor Types

R. Davidson-Arnott, B. O. Bauer, I. J. Walker, P.A. Hesp, J.Ollerhead and I. Delgado-Fernandez

Sediment Input to Foredunes: Description and Frequency of Transport Events at
Greenwich Dunes, PEI, Canada

I. Delgado-Fernandez and R. Davidson-Arnott

Coastal Dunes along Rio de Janeiro Coast: Evolution and Management
G.B. Fernandez, T.G. Pereira and T.B. da Rocha

Storm Wind Flow over a Foredune, Prince Edward Island, Canada
P. A. Hesp, I. J. Walker, S. L. Namikas, R. Davidson-Arnottπ, B. O. Bauer and J. Ollerhead

The Development of a Prograded Foredune Barrier Following Ammophila arenaria
Eradication, Doughboy Bay, Stewart Island

M. Hilton, D. Woodley, C. Sweeney and T. Konlechner

Wind-Blown Sand and Topographic Changes of the Coastal Dune at the Eroded Beach
Junaidi and S. Aoki

Aeolian Saltation at Esposende Beach, Portugal
B. Li, H. M. Granja, E. J. Farrell, J. T. Ellis and D. J. Sherman

Biorecovery of Coastal Dunes in Pirambu/SE - Brazil
R. Melo e Souza and  J. de  J. Costa

Measurements of Aeolian Mass Flux Distributions on a Fine-Grained Beach:
Implications for Grain-Bed Collision Mechanics

S.L. Namikas, B.O. Bauer, B.L. Edwards, P.A. Hesp, and Y. Zhu

Coastal Dunes Ecodynamics of the Southern Coastline from Sergipe, Brazil
A. Oliveira and R. Melo e Souza

Late-Holocene Coastal Dune System Evolution in the Danube Delta, NW Black Sea Basin
L. Preoteasa, H.M. Roberts, G.A.T. Duller and A. Vespremeanu-Stroe

Tróia Peninsula Evolution: The Dune Morphology Record
L. P. Rebêlo, M. Ferraz and P. O. Brito

Identifying Forcing Conditions Responsible for Foredune Erosion on the Northern
Coast of France

M-H. Ruz, A. Héquette and A. Maspataud

Tide-driven Sediment Variations on a Large Compound Dune in the Jade Tidal Inlet Channel,
Southeastern North Sea

C. Svenson, V.B. Ernstsen, C. Winter, A. Bartholomä and D. Hebbeln

Mean Flow and Turbulence Responses in Airflow over Foredunes:
New Insights from Recent Research

I.J. Walker, R.G.D. Davidson-Arnott, P.A. Hesp, B.O. Bauer, and J. Ollerhead

Coastal Ecosystems

Living and Non-living Resources Exploitation in a Tropical Semi-arid Estuary
M. Barletta and M.F. Costa

Short-term Temporal Fluctuation of Very-nearshore Larval Fish Assemblages at the
Arrábida Marine Park (Portugal)

R. Borges, J.Vaz, E.A. Serrão and E.J.Gonçalves

Understanding the Importance of Sediments to Water Quality in Coastal Shallow Lagoons
A. Brito, A. Newton, P. Tett and T. Fernandes

Marine Conservation in a Southwest Portuguese Natural Park
J. J. Castro and T. Cruz

Evaluating Mangrove Conservation through the Analysis of Forest Structure Data
V. F. Cavalcanti, M .L. G. Soares, G. C. D. Estrada  and F. O. Chaves

Maintenance of Mangrove Forests through the Conservation of Coastal Ecosystems
F. O. Chaves, M. L. G. Soares, G. C. D. Estrada and V. F. Cavalcanti

Mesozooplankton of the Curuçá Estuary (Amazon Coast, Brazil)
R. M. Costa, N. R. Leite and L. C. C. Pereira

Mangrove Forests and Sedimentary Processes on the South of Coast of São Paulo State (Brazil)
M. Cunha-Lignon, C. Coelho-Jr., R. Almeida, R. Menghini, F. Correa, Y. Schaeffer-Novelli,
G. Cintrón-Molero and F. Dahdouh-Guebas

Considerations on the Ecological Role of Wrack Accumulations on Sandy Beaches in the
Maltese Islands and Recommendations for Their Conservation Management

A. Deidun, S. Saliba and P.J. Schembri

Is Beach Scenic Quality a Function of Habitat Diversity?
R. W. Duck, M. R. Phillips, A. T. Williams and T. Wadham

Upwelling Events and Recruitment Patterns of the Major Fouling Species on Coastal
Aquaculture (Sagres, Portugal)

B. Fragoso and J.D. Icely

A Better Understanding of Mud Cracking Processes Gained From in Situ Measurements
on an Intertidal Mudflat in French Guiana

A. Gardel, C. Proisy, S. Lesourd, S. Philippe, J. Caillaud, S. Gontharet, E.J. Anthony, L. Brutier

Scale-dependent Interactions and Community Structure along Environmental Gradients
on a Coastal Salt Marsh

D. Kim, D. M. Cairns, and J. Bartholdy

The Potential for Marine Dispersal of Ammophila Arenaria (Marram Grass) Rhizome in
New Zealand

T.M. Konlechner and M.J. Hilton

Early Colonization of Algal Communities on Polyurethane Bonded Aggregate:
a Field and Laboratory Study

M.C. Lock, H.G. van der Geest and C. Lazonder

A Method for the Classification of Mangrove Forests and Sensitivity/ Vulnerability Analysis
J. A. C. Pellegrini, M. L. G. Soares, F. O. Chaves, G. C. D. Estrada, V. F. Cavalcanti

Sensitivity Analysis of an Ecological Model applied to the Ria de Aveiro
M. Rodrigues, A. Oliveira, M. Costa, A.B. Fortunato and Y. Zhang

Coastal Engineering

Bottom Shear Stress Formulations to Compute Sediment Fluxes in Accelerated
Skewed Waves

T. Abreu, F. Sancho and P. Silva

Design and Development of Crater Array Wave Barriers
A. Al-Ragum and S. Neelamani

Cement Filled Geo-Textile Groynes as a Means of Beach Protection against Erosion:
A Critique of Applications in Greece

P. F. Antoniou, H. Kyriakidou and Ch. Anagnostou

Euler–Euler Coupled Two-Phase Flow Modeling of Sheet Flow Sediment Motion in
the Nearshore

R. Bakhtyar, A. Yeganeh-Bakhtiary, D.A. Barry and A. Ghaheri

A Case Study of Single Layer Armoured Breakwater Design nearby a Curved Step-Like
Bathymetric Feature

B. Banijamali, J. W. van der Meer and S. Sorourian

3D Wave Field behind Impermeable Low Crested Structures
M. Buccino, D. Vicinanza, I. Cáceres, M. Calabrese

Moving Boundary Treatment in Run-Up Process Of Tsunami
Y.-S. Cho and J.-M. Kim

Experimental Stability Analysis of Geotextile Sand-filled Containers
for Dune Erosion Control

L. das Neves, M.L. Lopes, F. Veloso-Gomes and F. Taveira-Pinto

Shoaling and Runup of Long Waves Induced By High-Speed Ferries in Tallinn Bay
I. Didenkulova, K. E. Parnell, T. Soomere, E. Pelinovsky and D. Kurennoy

Wave Overtopping of a Typical Coastal Structure of the Portuguese Coast
Using A SPH Model

E. Didier and M.G. Neves

Testing of Armourstone for the Purpose of Durability: A Case Study from Two
Rubble Mound Breakwaters (Mersin, TURKEY)

B. Ertas Deniz and T. Topal

On The Prediction of Wave Parameters Using Simplified Methods
A. Etemad-Shahidi, M.H. Kazeminezhad and S.J. Mousavi

Characteristics of Tsunami Behaviors around a Circular Island
T. Ha and Y.-S. Cho

Numerical Study of Breakwater Steepness Effect on the Hydrodynamics
of Standing Waves and Steady Streaming

F. Hajivalie and A. Yeganeh-Bakhtiary

Variability in the Properties of Wakes Generated by High-Speed Ferries
D. Kurennoy, T. Soomere and K.E. Parnell

Tides in Torres Strait
C. J. Lemckert, J. Zier and J. Gustafson

Impact of a Dredged Sandpit on Tidal and Wave Hydrodynamics
V. Lopes, P.A. Silva, X. Bertin, A.B. Fortunato and A. Oliveira

Wave Overtopping of Coastal Structures. Physical Model versus Desktop Predictions
A. Mariani, M.J. Blacka, R.J. Cox, I.R. Coghlan and J.T. Carley

Wave Overtopping of a Porous Structure: Numerical and Physical Modeling
M.T. Reis, M.G. Neves and K. Hu

Coupling Numerical Models for Wave Propagation in the MOIA Package
J. A. Santos, L. Guilherme, C. J. Fortes, L. Pinheiro and A. Simões

Effect of the Bathymetric Changes on the Hydrodynamic and Residence Time in Óbidos
Lagoon (Portugal)

Madalena S. Malhadas, Adélio Silva, Paulo C. Leitão and Ramiro Neves

Development of N-Line Numerical Model Considering the Effects of Beach Nourishments
Y. Shibutani, M. Kuroiwa, Y. Matsubara, M. Kim and M. Abualtaef

Intercomparison of Sediment Transport Formulas in Current and Combined
Wave-Current Conditions

P. A. Silva, X. Bertin, A.B. Fortunato and A. Oliveira

Influence of Threshold Value on Peak over Threshold Method on the Predicted Extreme Significant Wave Heights in Kuwaiti Territorial Waters
S. Neelamani

Physical and Numerical Study of “Breaker Types” Over an Artificial Reef
M. Ten Voorde, J.S. Antunes do Carmo, M.G. Neves and A. Mendonça

Coastal Evolution

Holocene Paleoenvironmental Evolution of the Lisbon Downtown Area as Recorded in
the Esteiro da Baixa Sediments – First Results

I. M. Almeida, C. Andrade, M. C. Freitas, J. Moreno, M. C. Cabral, S. C. Craveiro and F. M. S. F. Marques

Ground-penetrating Radar Profiles of Two Holocene Regressive Barriers in Southern Brazil
E.G. Barboza, S.R. Dillenburg, M.L.C.C. Rosa, L.J. Tomazelli and P.A. Hesp

Stratigraphic Insights from Sedimentary Peels of Littoral Estuarine Depositional Systems
C. Barrett-Mold, H. Burningham and J.R. French

Historical Seabed Mobility in an Outer Estuary - Sea Basin Environment
H. Burningham and J. R. French

Late Holocene Beach Evolution: Sediment Starvation under a Falling Sea Level
J.A.G. Cooper, D.W.T. Jackson and J.T. Kelley

Long- and Short-term Progradation of a Regressive Barrier in Southern Brazil
S.R. Dillenburg and E.G. Barboza

Quantifying Shoreline Changes along the Sefton Coast (UK) and the Implications for
Research-Informed Coastal Management

L. S. Esteves, J. J. Williams, A. Nock and G. Lymbery

The Morpho-dynamics of a Beach Protected by Detached Breakwaters in a High Energy
Tidal Environment

I. Fairley, M. Davidson and K. Kingston

Morphological Evolution of the Óbidos Lagoon (Western Coast of Portugal) Since the
Holocene Transgressive Maximum

T. Ferreira, R. Ramos, M. C. Freitas and C. Andrade

Variability and Evolution of Shallow Continental Shelf Systems off Rio de Janeiro State,
Santos Basin – Brazil

F. P. Fleming, R. M. C. Maia, A. T. Reis, E. C. Alves, C. Gorini, C. G. Silva and  J. V. Guerra

Episodes of Coastal Erosion in the Second Half of the XIX Century and it’s Relation with
the Development of the Coast for Bathing use – the Cases of Espinho, Nazaré and Ericeira

Joana Gaspar de Freitas

Climatic-related factors controlling the sedimentary architecture of a Barrier-Lagoon
complex in the context of the Holocene transgression

R. González-Villanueva, M. Pérez-Arlucea, I. Alejo and R. Goble

Surveys at the Coast of Paraná, Brazil, to Determinate the Temporal Coastal Changes
C.P. Krueger, R.M. Gonçalves and B. Heck

Foreshore and hydrodynamic factors governing overwash
A. Matias, Ó. Ferreira, A. Vila-Concejo, B. Morris and J. A. Dias

An Investigation of the Change in Tidal Signal in an Estuary as a Result of Sea Level Rise
and Development at Short-Medium Time Scale

H. Mirfenderesk and R. Tomlinson

Preliminary Results on Holocene Sea-level changes on Ceará Coast / Brazil
J. O. Morais, G. F. Irion, L. S. Pinheiro and J. Kasbohm

Nearshore Sediments and Coastal Evolution of Paraíba do Sul River Delta,
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

V.C. Murillo, C.G. Silva and G.B. Fernandez

Development of Aeolian Coastal Landscapes on the Island of Hiiumaa, Estonia
R. Rivis, K. Vilumaa and U. Ratas

The Simple Decisions of Complex Problems or How to Save One More of Three Aral Seas
Y. K. Rysbekov

Numerical Modeling of Suspended Cohesive Sediment Transport and Mud Profile Deformation
M. Soltanpour and S. M. H. Jazayeri

Sediment Dynamics on an Inner Shelf Shoal During Storm Events in the
Northeastern Gulf of Mexico, USA

Amy L. Spaziani, Felix Jose and Gregory W. Stone

Coastline Evolution at Esmoriz-Furadouro Stretch (Portugal)
F. Taveira-Pinto, J. Pais-Barbosa and F. Veloso-Gomes

Costa da Caparica Artificial Sand Nourishment and Coastal Dynamics
F. Veloso-Gomes, J. Costa, A. Rodrigues, F. Taveira-Pinto, J. Pais-Barbosa  and L. das Neves

Coastal Geomorphology

Factors Controlling the Morphodynamics and Geomorphologic Evolution of a Cuspate
Foreland in a Volcanic Intraplate Island (Maspalomas, Canary Islands)

J. Alcántara-Carrió and A. Fontán

The Use of the GPS in the Identification of Fossil Shore Platforms and its Tectonic
Deformation: an Example from the Northern Portuguese Coast

M. A. Araújo and A. Gomes

Tidal Hydrodynamics of a Micro-tidal, Wave Dominated Flood-tide Delta:
Port Stephens, Australia

T. P. Austin,  A.D. Short, M.G. Hughes, A. Vila-Concejo, and R. Ranasinghe

On the Modeling of Bio-physical Influences on Seasonal Variation in Sandwave Dynamics
B.W. Borsje, M.C. Buijsman, G. Besio, M.B. de Vries, S.J.M.H. Hulscher, P.M.J. Herman and H. Ridderinkhof

Sediment Flux on the High Energy Taranaki Coast, New Zealand
N. A. Cowie, T. R. Healy and P. J. McComb

Natural and Antropic Geomorphological Changes in the Inlet of Patos Lagoon
Before and After its Fixation

R.M.P. Cunha  and L.J. Calliari

Linking Human Impacts within an Estuary to Ebb-tidal Delta Evolution
K. L. Dallas and P. L. Barnard

Mass Movements and Cliff Retreat along the SW Spanish Coast
L. Del Río, F.J. Gracia and J. Benavente

Shelf-break Canyons Versus “Gouf” Canyons: a Comparative Study Based on the Silt-clay Mineralogy of Bottom Sediments from Oporto, Aveiro and Nazaré Submarine Canyons (NW of Portugal)
C. Guerreiro, A. Oliveira and A. Rodrigues

Measurement of Sediment Dynamics in the Surf and Swash Zone
T. Kakinoki and G. Tsujimoto

Sea-cliff Erosion and Retreat in Semi-enclosed Macrotidal Embayment: Hampyung Bay,
West Coast of Korea

D.I. Lim J.Y. Choi and H.S. Jung

Shore Platform Denudation Measurements along the Maltese Coastline
A. Micallef and A. T. Williams

Coastal Management and Climate Change: an Australian Perspective
K. Panayotou

Response of High-energy, Macrotidal Beaches to Seasonal Changes in Wave Conditions:
Examples from North Cornwall, UK

T. Poate, K.  Kingston, G. Masselink and P.  Russell

Ancient geomorphological features in shallows of the Venice Lagoon (Italy)
F. Rizzetto, L. Tosi, M. Zecchin, G. Brancolini, L. Baradello and C. Tang

Evolution of Coastal Works in Portugal and their Interference with Local Morphodynamics
P. Rosa-Santos, F. Veloso-Gomes, F. Taveira-Pinto, R. Silva and J. Pais-Barbosa

Sediment Grain Size Variation on a Coastal Stretch Facing the North Atlantic (NW Portugal)
R. Silva, P. Baptista, F. Veloso-Gomes, C. Coelho and F. Taveira-Pinto

Geology and Geomorphology of Papagaios Island, Cabo Frio, SE Brazil
C.C. Skrepnek, R.S. Schmitt and J.V. Guerra

A Tale of Two Macro Tidal Estuaries: Differential Morphodynamic Response
of the Intertidal Zone to Causeway Construction

D. van Proosdij, T. Milligan, G. Bugden and K. Butler

Coastal Hazards and Pollution

Application of an Eulerian-Lagrangian oil spill modeling system to the Prestige
accident: trajectory analysis

A. Azevedo, A. Oliveira, A.B. Fortunato and X. Bertin

Seasonal Variability of Temperature Measurements in a Shallow Bay
K. Al-Banaa and K. Rakha

Application of Aerial Video Images for Lagrangian Tracer Studies in Maritime
and Estuarine Port Zones

M.O. Bezerra, A.R. Akel, T.R.C. Araújo, A.P.M. Krelling and J.M. Redondo

Assessment of Coastal Vulnerability in La Guajira Peninsula, Colombian Caribbean Sea
N. Rangel-Buitrago and G. Anfuso

Pb isotopic signatures in sediments of a sub-tropical coastal lagoon: Anthropogenic
sources for metal contamination in the Sepetiba Bay (SE – Brazil)

B. C. A. Cunha, D. Rocha, M. C. Geraldes, S. D. Pereira and  A. C. Almeida

Bioavailability of Heavy Metals in Guanabara Bay, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
E.M. da Fonseca, J.A. Baptista Neto, M.C. Crapez, J.J. McAllister, M.A. Fernandez and M.G. Bispo

Onshore Storminess Factor: A New Tool for Regional Beach Hazard Rating
and Beach Safety Management

D. Hartmann, K. Pick and Y. Segal

Energy pollution: the relative influence of wind-wave and vessel-wake energy
in Tallinn Bay, the Baltic Sea

L. Kelpšaite, K.E. Parnell and T. Soomere

Distribution and Temporal Change of Heavy metals in the Surface Sediments
of Lake Shihwa and the Adjacent Sea, Korea

K.T. Kim, E.S. Kim, S.R. Cho and J.K. Park

Lessons learned from flood risk analyses at the North Sea Coast
A. Kortenhaus and G. Kaiser

Coastal hazards of Fajã do Calhau (São Miguel – Azores): a first approach
G. Lameiras, J. Fontiela, P. Borges, H. Calado, O. Vieira, B. Rangel and A. Gallagher

Comparison of Cadmium and Phosphate Concentrations During Red Tide Versus no
Red Tide Conditions

M. L. Lares and S. G. Marinone

Numerical Modeling of Wave Effect on Hebei Spirit Oil Spill (2007), Taean, Korea
J.L. Lee, D.Y. Lee and I.C. Kim

Flushing efficiency of Augusta Harbour (Italy)
I. Lisi, A. Taramelli, M. Di Risio, S. Cappucci and M. Gabellini

Fighting against coastal oil spill pollution by means of ground-based radar
H. Lorenzo, F.I. Rial, P. Arias and J. Armesto

Sediment toxicity assessment of Guanabara Bay, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
L. A. Maranho, I. Abreu, R. Santelli, R. C. Cordeiro, A. Soares-Gomes, L. B. Moreira,
R. D. Morais, D. M. S. Abessa

Sea cliff instability hazard prevention and planning: examples of practice in Portugal
F.M.S.F Marques

Bacterial pollution in Cullera Bay (Spanish Mediterranean coast)
M. Mestres, J.P. Sierra, A. Pascual, C. Mösso, J. González del Río and M. Rodilla

Selenium and Mercury (Total and Organic) in Tissues of a Coastal Small Cetacean,
Pontoporia blainvillei

I. Moreira, T.G. Seixas, H.A. Kehrig, G. Fillmann, A.P. Di Beneditto, C.M. Souza, and O. Malm

Nitrogen and phosphorus loading in coastal watersheds in northeastern Brazil
C. Noriega and M. Araujo

Tsunami vulnerability zonation in the Algarve coast (Portugal)
M. Nunes, Ó. Ferreira and J. Luís

Imposex in a touristic area in Southeastern Brazilian coast
I. Pessoa, M. Fernandez, R. Toste, M. Dore and M. Parahyba

Environmental Sensitivity of the Portuguese Coast in the Scope of Oil Spill
Events – Comparing Different Assessment Approaches

C.F. Santos and F. Andrade

Evaluation of the Amount of Hydrogen Sulfide in a Dredged Trench of Tokyo Bay
J. Sasaki, S. Kawamoto, Y. Yoshimoto,  M. Ishii and J. Kakino

Rip current variability and hazard along a macro-tidal coast
T. Scott,  P. Russell, G. Masselink and A. Wooler

Flood Risk Assessment in Coastal Drainage Basins through a Multivariate Analysis
within a GIS-Based Model

C. R. de Gouveia Souza

Geochemical beach sediments studies – a contribution to a standard definition useful
for public health

J. M. Vidinha, F. Rocha, E. Silva, C. Patinha and C. Andrade

The Role of Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies on the Storm Track Behaviour
During South Hemisphere Summer

A.M.C. Carmo and E.B. de Souza


Volume II

Coastal Modelling

An Integrated Prediction Model of Wave Groups and their Associated Long Waves
in the Coupling Field of Surf and Breaking Zones on Bar-Type Beache

M.R. Akbarpour Jannat and T. Asano

Modelling the Impact of an Intake Structure on the Coastal Morphology at Az-Zour

Faisal Al-Hulail

Numerical Study of the Hydrodynamics of aVery Shallow Estuarine System - Coombabah
Lake, Gold Coast, Australia

A. Ali, H. Zhang and C.J. Lemckert

Accurate Prediction of Wave-induced Seabed Liquefaction at Shallow depths using
Multi-Artificial Neural Networks

D.H. Cha, H. Zhang, M. Blumenstein and D.S. Jeng

The Value of Different Modelling Approaches to Investigate Estuarine Morphodynamics
K.M. Cronin, R.J.N. Devoy and J. Gault

Hydrodynamic, Water Quality and Sediment Transport Modeling of Estuarine and
Coastal Waters on the Gold Coast Australia

S. Davies, H. Mirfenderesk, R. Tomlinson and S. Szylkarski

Effect of Sea Level Rise in Tidal Inlet Evolution: A Numerical Modelling Approach
D.M.P.K. Dissanayake, R. Ranasinghe and J.A. Roelvink

Littoral Transport Rates in the Santa Barbara Littoral Cell:
A Process-Based Model Analysis

E.P.L. Elias, P.L. Barnard and J. Brocatus

First Results of a Long Term Morphodynamic Process Based Model
S. Gabriel and F. Martins

Joint Use of GPR and ERI to Image the Subsoil Structure in a Sandy Coastal Environment
D. Gomez-Ortiz, M. Pereira, T. Martin-Crespo, F.I. Rial, A. Novo, H. Lorenzo and J.R. Vidal

The Effect of Deep Waterway Constructions on Hydrodynamics
and Salinities in Yangtze Estuary, China

K. Hu and P. Ding

Application of Artificial Neural Networks to Groundwater Dynamics In Coastal Aquifers

A. Joorabchi, H. Zhang and M. Blumenstein

Rapid Estimate of Sediment Loss for “Almost Equilibrium” Beaches
A. Kask, T. Soomere, T. Healy and N. Delpeche

Residual Flow and its Implication to Macro-Tidal Flats in Kyunggi Bay Estuary Of Korea
Chang S. Kim , H. S. Lim, J. A. Kim and S. J. Kim

Ship Wave Scattering in Marina Environments
I.C. Kim and J.L. Lee

Sediment Transport in the Coastal Zone: An Intercomparison between Numerical
Estimates and Field Measurements

S. H. C. D. Larangeiro, R. P. M. Taborda and F. S. B. F. Oliveira

Stem Waves along a Vertical Wall: Comparison between
Monochromatic and Random Waves

Jong-In Lee, Young-Taek Lee, Joo-Young Kim and Jong-Kyu Lee

Wave Scattering and Beach Morphodynamics behind a Permeable Curtain
Wall-Pile Breakwater of Finite Length

J.Y. Lee, H.M. Kweon and J.L. Lee

The Influence of the Geometric Scale Model on the Physical Modelling
of the Wave Propagation and Breaking in a Flume

R. Lemos, C.J. Fortes, L. Gil and G. Neves

Modelling Sea Level Extremes from Storm Surges and Wave Setup for
Climate Change Assessments in Southeastern Australia

K.L. McInnes, J.G. O’Grady and G.D. Hubbert

Numerical Study of Hydrodynamics around an Artificial Surf Reef
for São Pedro do Estoril, Portugal

A.Mendonça, M.G.Neves and C.J.Fortes

Synthesis of a Validated Nearshore Operational Wave Database Using the Archived
NOAA Wave Watch III Ocean Model Data and SWAN Nearshore Model

E. Mondon and P. Warner

Evaluation of Nonlinear Numerical Model Performance on the Wave
Propagation over a Bar-Trough Profile Beach

T. Okamoto, C.J. Fortes and M.G. Neves

Nonlinear Regular Wave Generation in Numerical and Physical Flumes
T.C.A. Oliveira, F.X. Gironella, A. Sanchez-Arcilla, J.P. Sierra and M.A. Celigueta

Cross-Shore Sandbar Response to Waves
L. Pape, N. G. Plant and B. G. Ruessink

Evaluation of Liquefaction Potential of Port Structures with
Earthquake Magnitude Adjustment

Duhee Park, Dong-Yeop Kwak, Chang-Koo Cho and Byung-Sik Chun

Implementation of partial reflection boundary conditions in wave
propagation model BOUSSIIW

L. Pinheiro,  C.J. Fortes, J.A. Santos and  M Walkley

On the Receding of Storm Surge along Louisiana’s Low-Lying Coast
J. L. Rego and C. Li

A Novel Approach to Local Radial Point Interpolation Meshless Method (LRPIM)
for Numerical Solution of Groundwater Flow Response to Tidal Fluctuation
in a Coastal Confined Aquifer

I. Saeedpanah and E. Jabbari

Operational Wave Forecasting System for the Portuguese Coast
F. Sansana Silva, J. P. Pinto and S. Almeida

Prediction of Topographic Changes of Sand Spit Using BG Model
Masumi Serizawa, Takaaki Uda, Toshiro San-nami, Kou Furuike  and Toshinori Ishikawa

Physical and Numerical Modeling of Beach Response to Permeable
Low-Crested Coastal Structures

J.P. Sierra, X. Gironella, J.M. Alsina, T.A.C. Oliveira, I. Cáceres, C. Mösso and M. Mestres

Wave Focusing in Response to a Dredged Sediment Mound
K.C. Spiers and T.R. Healy

Modeling of Long Waves from High Speed Ferries in Coastal Waters
T. Torsvik and T. Soomere

Morphological Modeling of Tidal Inlet Migration and Closure
Tran Thanh Tung, Dirk-Jan R. Walstra, Jan van de Graaff, and Marcel J. F. Stive

Water Exchange between the Basins of the German Wadden Sea
Studied With a Coupled Matlab-Arcgis Model

J.A. Urbanski and A. Herman

The Tagus Estuarine Plume Induced By Wind and River Runoff: Winter 2007 Case Study
N. Vaz, L.Fernandes, P.C. Leitão, J.M. Dias and R. Neves

Physical Characterization of Nearshore and Offshore Borrow Sites on the
Inner Continental Shelf of Northeast and West Florida

G.A. Zarillo, K.A. Zarillo and C. R. Finnegan

Coastal Restoration & Mitigation

Estimation of available seagrass meadow area in Portugal for transplanting purposes
A. H. Cunha, J. Assis, E. A. Serrão

Field experiment to control coastline subsidence: a unique case study
at Lido Adriano (Italy)

D. Vicinanza, P. Ciavola, S. Biagi

Coastal Tourism

Achieving forms of sustainable and competitive tourism in coastal
areas. The case of Baixo Vouga

H. Albuquerque, F. Martins and C. Costa

Integrating Surfing in the Socio-economic and Morphology and Coastal Dynamic
Impacts of the Environmental Evaluation of Coastal Projects

P. Bicudo and A. Horta

Negative impacts of abandoned urbanisation projects in the Spanish coast
and its regulation in the Law

R. Carrero, G. Malvárez, F. Navas and M. Tejada

Coastal Zone Management: Tools for Establishing a Set of Indicators to Assess
Beach Carrying Capacity Costa del Sol - Spain)

Enrique Jurado, Augusto Gutto Dantas and Carlos Pereira da Silva

Using Observed Market Expenditure to Estimate the Value of Recreational
Surfing to the Gold Coast, Australia

N. Lazarow

Data availability and accessibility for sustainable tourism: An assessment
involving different European coastal tourism destinations

C. O’Mahony, M. Ferreira, Y. Fernández-Palacios, V. Cummins and R. Haroun

Climate Change and Coastal & Marine Tourism: Review and Analysis
A. Moreno and B. Amelung

Bathing users perceptions and expectations of São Miguel (Azores)
Bathing Areas - a pilot study

A. Quintela, H. Calado and C.P. Silva

Tourism in Fortress: the Process of Creating a Latin American Network
M. Sanches, E. Secomandi, M.  Scherer and A. Viveiros de Castro

Developing Nautical Recreational Activities as a Territorial Strategy:
a perspective on the Tagus Estuary

J. Figueira de Sousa, A. Fernandes and A. Carpinteiro

Indicators for the Assessment of Physical Carrying Capacity in Coastal
Tourist Destinations

M. Tejada, G.C. Malvárez and F. Navas

The importance of user’s perception for beach management
Bruno Vaz, Allan T. Williams, Carlos Pereira da Silva, and Mike Phillips

Coastal Zone Management

Valuing Ecosystem Service Losses from Coastal Erosion Using a Benefits
Transfer Approach: a Case Study for the Central Portuguese Coast

F. Alves, P. Roebeling, P. Pinto and P. Batista

Dynamic of Heavy Metals in the Shrimp Farm Environment
A. O. D. Azevedo, J. S. Holanda and A. C. Scudelari

Legal and Technical Framework of Azorean Protected Areas
H, Calado, C. Lopes, J. Porteiro, L. Paramio and P. Monteiro

Coastal Erosion Induced by Human Activities: The Case of Two Embayed
Beaches on the Moroccan Coast

M. Chaibi and M. Sedrati

Causal Chain Analysis of a Coastal Island as a Tool for Sustainable
and Autonomous Resource Management

C. C. Chamas and L. F. Scheibe

Winter Sandy Protections of the Northern Adriatic Coast against
Flooding: Preliminary Results

C. Corbau, U. Simeoni, R. Archetti, A. Peretti and M. Farina

Integrating Geological Knowledge in Planning Methods for Small
Islands Coastal Plans

R. Coutinho, J. Pacheco, N. Wallenstein, A. Pimentel, R. Marques and R. Silva

Integral Management Applied to Offshore Wind Farms
M.D. Esteban, J.J. Diez, J.S. López and V. Negro

The Coastal Artificialization Process. Impacts and Challenges for the Sustainable
Management of the Coastal Cities of Santa Catarina (Brazil)

J. C. Ferreira, L. Silva and M. Polette

Water Framework Directive Implementation: Intercalibration Exercise for Biological
Quality Elements – a Case Study for the South Coast of Portugal

P. C. Goela, A. Newton, S. Cristina and B. Fragoso

Effects of Urban Development on the Cereja River and Caeté
Estuary (Amazon Coast, Brazil)

D.O. Guimarães, L.C.C. Pereira, M. Monteiro, A. Gorayeb and R. M. da Costa

Comparison of Shoreline Erosion Rates Derived from Multiple Data Types:
Data Compilation for Legislated Setback Lines in South Carolina (USA)

M. S. Harris, E. E. Wright, L. Fuqua and T. P. Tinker

Morphology and Dynamics of the Base of the Western Jetty, Probable Area
for the Rio Grande Port Pilot Station, RS State, Brazil

C. Hartmann, T. B. Arejano and J. A. F. Antigueira

Contributing Coastal Zone Management by GIS Analyses – the Case of Finnish Marine Coast
R. Kalliola and L. Laurila

Heavy Metal Distribution in the Relict Sand Deposits of the Latium
Continental Shelf (Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy)

C. Maggi, O. Nonnis, D. Paganelli, S. Tersigni and M. Gabellini

Have you Ever Listened Coastal Inhabitants? Know What they Think…
F. Martins, A. Betâmio de Almeida and L. Pinho

Impact of the Changing Economic Models in the Development of Societal
and Environmental Structures of Coastal Natural Parks

V. Mercado, G. Malvárez, F. Alburquerque and F. Navas

Coastal Management Issues in Queensland and Application of the Multi-Criteria
Decision Making Techniques

R.Mosadeghi, R. Tomlinson, H.Mirfenderesk and J. Warnken

Methods for elaboration of a Beach Plan – case study Raínha Beach
A. Nave and I. Boavida-Portugal

An Environmental Monitoring Proposal Related to Relict Sand Dredging
for Beach Nourishment in the Mediterranean Sea

L. Nicoletti, D. Paganelli, P. La Valle, C. Maggi, L. Lattanzi, B. La Porta, M. Targusi and M. Gabellini

Integrating Science into Shoreline Management Practice and Policy:
an Irish Perspective

M.C. O’ Connor, J.A.G. Cooper and J. McKenna

Strategic Environmental Assessment of the National Strategy for
Integrated Coastal Zone Management in Portugal

M.R. Partidário, G. Vicente and V. Lobos

Coastal Regeneration at Llanelli, South Wales, UK: Lessons not Learned
M. R. Phillips, V.A. Powell and R.W. Duck

The Implementation of the Coastal Observatory in Santa Catarina State – South Brazil
M. Polette, Paulo Freire Vieira and Claudia Santos

Soft Management of Beach-Dune Systems as a Tool for their Sustainability
F.X. Roig, A.Rodríguez-Perea, J.A. Martín-Prieto and G.X. Pons

Multi-Sectoral Research on East China Sea Beach Litter Based on Oceanographic
Methodology and Local Knowledge

Satoquo Seino, Azusa Kojima, Hirofumi Hinata, Sin’nya Magome and Atsuhiko Isobe

Badalona Municipality Coastal Management (NE Spain)
J. Serra and J. Estebanell

Geoenvironmental Characterization and Urbanization of the Beaches on the
Islands of Tinharé and Boipeba, South Coast of the State of Bahia, Brazil

I. R. Silva, J. C. Rossi, H. M. Nascimento and T. G. Siqueira

Environmental Status of Urban Beaches in São Luís (Amazon Coast, Brazil)
I.R. da Silva, L.C.C. Pereira, D. de O. Guimarães, W. N. Trindade, N. Asp and R.M.Costa

Enhancing Science Impact in the Coastal Zone through Adaptive Learning
T. F. Smith, R. W. Carter, D. C. Thomsen, G. Mayes, M. Nursey-Bray, G. Whisson, R. Jones,
S. Dovers and K. O’Toole

Evaluation of Sustainability Indicators for the Coastal Zone of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
R.D. Souto, M. Polette and M. Kampel

Defining Community: Understanding the Meaning of ‘the Community’
in Coastal Zone Management

D.C. Thomsen, T.F. Smith, R.W. Carter and G. Mayes

Delta Plain Management

Regional Sediment Management Strategies for Coastal Restoration in Louisiana, USA
S.M. Khalil and C.W. Finkl

Estuaries and Lagoons

Morphodynamic Processes on Tidal Flats in Estuaries
T. Albers, N. von Lieberman and E. Falke

Textural Composition of Sediments from Minho and Douro Estuaries (Portugal)
and Its Relation with Hydrodynamics

M.J.Balsinha, A.I. Santos, A.M.C. Alves and A.T.C. Oliveira

Sedimentary Organic Matter in Cores of the Cananéia-Iguape Lagoonal-Estuarine
System, São Paulo State, Brazil

R.L. Barcellos, P.B. Camargo, A. Galvão and R.R. Weber

Finding the Boundary between Eurosiberian and Mediterranean Salt Marshes
J.C. Costa, P. Arsénio, T. Monteiro-Henriques, C. Neto, E. Pereira, T. Almeida and J. Izco

Numerical modeling of Ria Formosa tidal dynamics
J. M. Dias and M. C. Sousa

Circulation and Flux of Suspended Particulate Matter in Ilha Grande Bay, SE Brazil
J. V. Guerra and F. L. M. Soares

Morphodynamics of Non-Estuarine Rivermouth Lagoons on High-Energy Coasts
D.E. Hart

Sediment Transport and Morphodynamics of the Tidal Inlet and Adjacent Coastlines
of Salut-Mengkabong Lagoon, Sabah, Malaysia

M.A. Hoque, B.G. Ahad, and E. Saleh

Marine Influence in Ostracod Assemblages of the Mira River Estuary: Comparison
between Lower and Mid Estuary Tidal Marsh Transects

I. M. Loureiro, M. C. Cabral and F. Fatela

Suspended Particulate Matter vs. Bottom Sediments in a Mesotidal
Lagoon (Ria de Aveiro, Portugal)

V. Martins, C.C. Jesus, I. Abrantes, J.M. Dias and F. Rocha

Numerical Modeling Estimation of the Spread of Maritime Oil Spills
in Ria De Aveiro Lagoon

R. Mendes, J. M. Dias and L. M. Pinheiro

Contamination of Intertidal Sediments – The Case of Sado Estuary (Portugal)
S. Moreira, M.C. Freitas, M.F. Araújo, C. Andrade, J. Munhá, F. Fatela and A. Cruces

Evaluation of Shear Stress Computation at a Tidal Inlet Using Different Methods
A. Pacheco, J.J. Williams, Ó. Ferreira and J.A. Dias

Prediction of the Influence of Estuarine Modifications on the Salinity Intrusion
J. Parsa and A. Etemad-Shahidi

Effect of flooding the salt pans in the Ria de Aveiro
A. Picado, J. M. Dias and A. B. Fortunato

Tidal Propagation in the Lima Estuary
I. Rebordão and A. Trigo-Teixeira

Assessing the Influence of the River Discharge on the Minho Estuary Tidal Regime
J. L. Reis, A. S. Martinho, A. A. Pires-Silva and A. J. Silva

Bedforms Characterization of the Açu Estuary (NE Brazil)
A. K. R. Rocha, H. Vital, M. P. Gomes and G. R. Rocha

Dynamics of the Saline Front in the Northern Channel of the Amazon
River – Influence of Fluvial Flow and Tidal Range (Brazil)

R.P. Rosário, M.O. Bezerra and S.B. Vinzón

Influence of Wind Resolution on the Prediction of Waves Generated in an Estuary
L. Rusu, M. Bernardino and C. Guedes Soares

Sea Surface Temperature Variability at the Argentinean and Uruguayan Coast
off the Río De La Plata Estuary: Evidence of Upwelling

C. G. Simionato, M. Luz Clara Tejedor, D. Moreira and C. Campetella

Bioturbation and Erodibility of Sediments from the Tagus Estuary
C. Soares and P. Sobral

Initial Observations on Relationship between Turbulence and Suspended
Sediment Properties in Hamana Lake Japan

M. Trevethan and S. Aoki

A Comparative Study of the Influence of Geochemical Parameters on the Distribution
of Foraminiferal Assemblages in Two Distinctive Tidal Marshes

T. Valente, F. Fatela, J. Moreno, F. Moreno, L. Guise and C. Patinha

Estuarine & Wetland Restoration

Restoration of an Eroded Estuarine Foreshore Using Cohesive Dredge Material,
Orwell Estuary, UK

J.R. French and H. Burningham

Numerical Simulation of Bed Material Transport in the Lower Mississippi River
J. F. Pereira, J.A. McCorquodale, E.A. Meselhe, I.Y. Georgiou and M.A. Allison

Fisheries in Protected and Non-Protected Areas: Is it Different? The Case of
Anomalocardia Brasiliana at Tropical Estuaries of Northeast Brazil

J.S. Silva-Cavalcanti and M.F. Costa

Mussel Cultivation to Improve Water Quality in the Szczecin Lagoon
N. Stybel, C. Fenske and G. Schernewski

GIS and Remote Sensing Applications

Semiautomatic Detection and Validation of Geomorphic Seafloor Features
Using Laser Airborne Depth Sounding (LADS)

V. Achatz, C. W. Finkl and G. Paulus

Findkelp, a GIS-Based Community Participation Project to Assess Portuguese
Kelp Conservation Status

J. Assis, D. Tavares, J. Tavares, A. Cunha, F. Alberto, E.A. Serrão

Modeling and Development of a Computational System to Create Environmental
Sensitivity Index Maps for Oil Spill in High-Energy Coastal Environments

A. F. de Castro, V. E. Amaro, C. F. de Souza and A. M. Grigio

Assessment of Water-Leaving Reflectances of Oceanic and Coastal Waters
Using MERIS Satellite Products off the Southwest Coast of Portugal

S. V. Cristina, P. Goela, J. D. Icely, A. Newton and B. Fragoso

Using Stereo Photogrammetry to Measure Coastal Waves
S. de Vries, D. Hill, M.A. de Schipper and M.J.F. Stive

DRELIO: An Unmanned Helicopter for Imaging Coastal Areas
C. Delacourt, P. Allemand, M. Jaud, P. Grandjean, A. Deschamps, J. Ammann, V. Cuq and S. Suanez

Shelf Geomorphology along the Southeast Florida Atlantic Continental Platform:
Interpretation of Airborne Laser Bathymetry

C.W. Finkl and J.L. Andrews

Recent urbanization and land use/land cover change in Portugal – the influence
of coastline and coastal urban centers

S. Freire, T. Santos and J. A. Tenedório

Modelling and Development of a Web System for Analysis and Manipulation of Spatial
Data for Coastal Areas of the Rio Grande do Norte State, RN, Brazil

C.C.M. de Freitas, V.E. Amaro, A.F. de Castro, W.S. Junior and G.F. Oliveira

Landscape Simulation of Piranhas-Assu River (Rio Grande do Norte State, Brazil),
from 1988 to 2024, Making Use of Cell Automata in Spatial Dynamic Models
for Simulation of Future Scenarios

A.M. Grigio, V.E. Amaro, M.A. Diodato and A.F. Castro

Multiple Scale Morphodynamic Mapping: Methodological Considerations
and Applications for the Coastal Atlas of Andalusia

E. Guisado and G.C. Malvárez

Remote Sensing, GIS Application and Simulation of Coastal Land Use Changes Based
on Cellular Automata: A Case Study of Maputo, Mozambique

C. Henriques and J. A. Tenedório

An Estimate of Population Impacted by Climate Change Along the U. S. Coast
N. S.-N. Lam, H. Arenas, Z. Li, and K.-B. Liu

Automated Grain Shape Measurements Applied to Beach Sands
C. Lira and P. Pina

Analyze of the Inherent Optical Properties of French Guiana Coastal Waters
for Remote Sensing Applications

H. Loisel, X. Mériaux, A. Poteau, L. F. Artigas, B. Lubac, A. Gardel, J. Caillaud, and S. Lesourd

Spatial-Temporal Analysis of Marine Wildlife
T.A. Nelson, D. Duffus, C. Robertson, K. Laberee and L.J. Feyrer

GUIOMAR: Geo(graphical) User Interface for cOastal and MARine Modeling.
Wave regime at Sines

D. R. C. B. Neves, A. C. Zózimo, L. V. Pinheiro and J. C. Fortes

Modeling Volume Transfer between Beach-Foredune and the Backshore by the
1755 Lisbon Tsunami at Boca Do Rio Lowland, Algarve (Portugal)

M. A. Oliveira, C. Andrade, M. C. Freitas, P. J. Costa

Portuguese Northwest Beach Classification Using Aerial Photographs and GIS Tools
J. Pais-Barbosa, F. Veloso-Gomes and F. Taveira-Pinto

Unmanned Air Vehicles for Coastal and Environmental Research
E. Pereira, R. Bencatel, J. Correia, L. Félix, G. Gonçalves, J. Morgado and J. Sousa

Sediment Image Analysis as a Method to Obtain Rapid and Robust Size Measurements
P. Pina and C. Lira

Urban Growth on Coastal Erosion Vulnerable Stretches
P. Pinto, P. Cabral, M. Caetano and M. F. Alves

Cartography and Assessment of Hydraulic Structures from Espinho Coastal
Area (NW Portugal) Using High-Resolution Aerial Imagery Surveys
and a GIS Interactive Base

A. Pires, H. I. Chaminé, A. Gomes, F. Piqueiro, F. S. Miranda‍ and F. T. Rocha

Photogrammetric Methods for Monitoring Cliffs with Low Retreat Rate
P. Redweik, R. Matildes, F. Marques and L. Santos

Application of remote sensing video systems to coastal defence monitoring
D. Rihouey, J. Dugor, D. Dailloux, D. Morichon

SIGPesca. An Interoperable GIS Tool for the Coastal Knowledge and Management
I. Serral, X. Pons, R. Jordana and R. Allué

Multi-Sensor Data Fusion for Geomorphological and Environmental Sensitivity
Index Mapping in the Amazonian Mangrove Coast, Brazil

P.W.M. Souza-Filho, F.D. Gonçalves, S.W.P. Rodrigues, F.R. Costa and F.P. Miranda

3D GIS Model for Flood Risk Assessment of Varna Bay Due to Extreme Sea Level Rise
Hristo Stanchev, Atanas Palazov and Margarita Stancheva

Hydrodynamically Induced or Modified Patterns Derived from Satellite Images
in the Coastal Waters of Estonia

Ü. Suursaar, T. Kutser, R. Aps, T. Kullas, E. Vahtmäe, L. Metsamaa and M. Otsmann

Evaluation of Beach Hydromorphological Behaviour and Classification
Using Image Classification Techniques

C. Teodoro, J. Pais-Barbosa, F. Veloso-Gomes and F. Taveira-Pinto

Impact of Extreme Storms

Run-up computation behind emerged breakwaters for marine storm risk assessment
C. Armaroli, P. Ciavola, M. Masina and L. Perini

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